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Program announced for Tokyo International Arts Festival 2005 (Feb. 2-Mar. 28, 2005)
  The Tokyo International Arts Festival organized by the non-profit organization Arts Network Japan will be held from Feb. 2 to Mar. 28 this year. The main programs will include a "Middle East Series" organized in cooperation with the Japan Foundation and a "Regional Theater Series" organized in cooperation with the Japan Foundation for Regional Art-Activities. The Middle East Series will invite the Al Kasaba Theater company of Palestine for a production of Stories Under Occupation - The Wall with Japanese contemporary artist Noboru Tsubaki serving as art director. Also, invited from Tunisia will be the Familia Production company led by Fadhel Jaibi, one of the leading directors in the Arab world today. The company will perform the play Junun which once drew much attention at the Avignon Festival. Meanwhile, the Regional Theater Series will feature productions of five theater works by amateur theater companies based in regional localities around Japan.
For more details about other items on the festival lineup visit the official Web site at: