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JCDN releases Odori ni Iku-ze! 2001, the first edition of Japan’s first collection of contemporary dance performances on DVD
  The Japan Contemporary Dance Network (JCDN) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting contemporary dance and its performance environment. The members include dancers and people active in the dance scene, and the organization’s activities include publication of a “Dance File” (Japanese and English) introducing profiles of the Network’s members, selling tickets and also running a Odori ni Iku-ze! (We’re gonna go Dancing!) program that sends young dancers on tours to performance venues around Japan.
To enable a larger audience to enjoy contemporary dance performances more easily, JCDN has initiated a new DVD series under the project name “JCDN Dance DVD Series.” And now, the first DVD of the series has been released, containing eight dance performances from the 2001 Odori ni Iku-ze! tours. The featured performances are mainly solo pieces by some of Japan’s cutting-edge choreographers and dancers, including Yukiko Amano, Ryohei Kondo, Ko Murobushi and Kota Yamazaki.

+ Performance list
  CONPEITO - Choreographed and danced by Yukiko Amano
Chisana Koi no Melody (A Small Love Melody) - Choreographed and danced by Ryohei Kondo and Erika Nowada
Edge Extra - Choreographed and danced by Ko Muribushi
Kaiho to Kairaku no 4 (Release and Pleasure 4) - Choreographed and danced by Akiko Yasukawa
body ⇔ unbodied Danced by Abe “M” ARIA
Ashita wa Kitto Hareru Desho (It might be sunny tomorrow.) - Choreographed and danced by Osamu Jareo and Misako Terada
JUNK - Choreographed and danced by Kota Yamazaki
AKTA. M - Choreographed and danced by YUN Myung-Hee