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Finalists announced for 4th Toyota Choreography Award 2005
  Launched in 2001 under the sponsorship of Toyota Motor Corporation in collaboration with Tokyo's Setagaya Public Theatre and with the aim of discovering and nurturing young talents of the next generation, the Toyota Choreography Award program has already become a prestigious stage for promising young choreographers to win recognition. Now in its 4th holding, the awards contest drew 161 entries this time, among which seven artists and one group have been chosen as finalists. The final judging will take place at "Nextage" performances on July 9 (17:00-) and 10 (16:00-), which are open to the public at the Setagaya Public Theatre. The judges committee is chaired by the butoh artist Ushio Amagatsu (Sankai Juku leader) and includes the theater critic Hidenaga Otori from Japan, Yoko Shioya (Japan Society, Director of Performing Arts) from the USA, Diane Boucher (arts consultant) from Canada and Val Bourne (Artistic Director, Dance Umbrella) from the U.K. The final judging will be based on the performances given by the finalists (up to 30 min.) and one artist (group) will be chosen for the "Choreography of the Next Generation Award" and two "Audience Awards" will be given based on audience voting.

+ Finalists (in alphabetical order)
  Mika Arashiki
Takiko Iwabuchi
Mika Kurosawa
Tomoyo Okada
Toshiki Okada
Maho Sumiji
Yukio Suzuki
Shinobu Utsunomiya, Miyuki Kaida, Midori Goda, Saori Takahashi, Miyuki Tokui, Emi Miyoshi
+ Toyota Choreography Award 2005