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Large-scale dance festival "Korea-Japan Friendship in Dance 2005" to be held in Seoul
  As one of the events associated with the "Korea-Japan Friendship Year 2005" program commemorating the 40th anniversary of normalization of relations between Japan and South Korea, a dance festival "Korea-Japan Friendship in Dance 2005" will be held in Seoul from June25 to July 14. This event will consist of two programs, a "Butoh Festival" and a "Contemporary Dance Festival" representing the new wave of Korean and Japanese contemporary dance artists. In the past there have been numerous exchange events between Japan and South Korea in the field of dance, but this will be the largest and most comprehensive festival ever. The "Butoh Festival" will feature performers from Japan including Dairakudakan, Akira Kasai, Sennichimae Blue Sky Dance Club, Agua Gala, Ko & Edge and Kota Yamazaki. The "Contemporary Dance Festival" they present performances by young Korean and Japanese dancers like Ryohei Kondo.

+ Butoh Festival
June 25-26: Dairakudakan "The Sea-Dappled Horse"
June 28-29: Akira Kasai "Pollen Revolution"
June 30-July 1: Sennichimae Blue Sky Dance Club "A Bowl of Summer"
July 2-3: Agua Gala "Wall/Material"
July 7-8: Korea-Japan Collaboration; Young-hee Kim and six Japanese Dancers "Somewhere"
Korea-Japan Collaboration; Kota Yamazaski and seven Korean Dancers "Cause Do by Economy"
July 12-13: Ko & Edge "Handsome Blue Sky"
+ Contemporary Dance Festival
July 2-3: Shoko Kashima and Ryoko Sugimoto "For me, or for yourself?"
Maki Morishita "Koshitsu"
Na-hun Park "Three airs …One"
Kyung-eun Lee "With Momo-Cartoon Version"
July 6-7: Zan Yamashita & Emi Naya "Shibibibi"
Ryohei Kondo & Erika Nowada "Melody Fair"
Ji-eon Lee "Luminopher"
Kl-hun Kim "1 Penny …the Value…"
July 9-10: Shintai Hyogen Circle "Hiroshima Rolling Man"
Hiroyuki Miura "The man who gets angry on the third planet/TABIO/The short story of love"
Kyung-mo Kang "A Casual Visitor"
Young-mi Kim "Revolution"
July 13-14: Mika Kurosawa "Hearing Horse"
Hohodo "How to Move Forward to the North-northeast"
Young-ill Lee "The Virus-infected Senses"
Ji-yeon Choi "Writes a Poem of Sword Dance, and Dedicates to the Beauty"
+Other related events
June 27:Forum "Possibilities in Globalizing Asian Dance"
Japan Foundation Seoul Culture Center
Panelists: Tatsuro Ishii (dance critic), Kazuko Kuniyoshi (dance critic), Iku Otani (Dance Box representative), Jong-ho Lee (dance critic), others
July 1:Butoh seminar
Japan Foundation Seoul Culture Center
Speaker: Kazuko Kuniyoshi (dance critic),
July 5: Butoh film seminar
Japan Foundation Seoul Culture Center
Speaker: Mayumi Nagatoshi (Uncreative representative)
+ Korea-Japan Friendship in Dance 2005