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Japan’s first public contemporary dance company, Noism05 led by Jo Kanamori schedules new production
 Noism05 became Japan’s first full-fledged public contemporary dance company when it was established in April of 2004 by Niigata City Performing Arts Center “Ryutopia,” inviting as its art director Jo Kanamori, a dancer who had performed at the cutting edge in the European dance scene. For the company’s first production, SHIKAKU, and its second, black ice, Kanamori served as choreographer and director, while also inviting young architects, composers and contemporary artists to collaborate in the productions. The resulting new ideas and the overall compositional strength of these productions quickly established Noism05 as one of Japan’s leading companies.
The company’s third and newest work Triple Bill commissions work from three of the most talent choreographers active in Japan today. The three choreographers are highly individualistic artists with styles completely different from Kanamori. They are Ryohei Kondo, director of the highly popular Condors group known for their comical choreography and variety type production, Ikuyo Kuroda, leader of the all-female dance company BATIK and former Frankfurt Ballet Company member Alessio Silvestrin, and artist known for his strengths in motion image, music and visual art expression. Attention focuses on this new work for the strength of the Noism05 company with Kanamori participating as a dancer and the potential of their collaboration with three of the leading choreographers in Japan today.
July 15-17:Niigata City Performing Arts Center “Ryutopia” (Niigata)
July 23:Theater BRAVA! (Osaka)
July 28-31:   Setagaya Public Theater (Tokyo)