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Seventh volume of contemporary Japanese plays in English translation, HALF A CENTURY OF JAPANESE THEATER, published
 In April of 2005, the seventh volume of HALF A CENTURY OF JAPANESE THEATER was published. This is a series of books of contemporary Japanese plays in English translation that began publication 1991 based on the “Arts Plan 21” of Japan’s Ministry of Culture. The series presents translations of the works of representative Japanese contemporary playwrights and plays that have had an important impact of postwar Japanese theater, with a new volume being published once a year. Accompanying each translated play is a recent photograph of the playwright, stage photos and a profile of the playwright (all specially prepared for this publication). Below is a list of all the plays published in translation in this series so far. You can find synopses of all the plays listed here in the “Japanese Drama Database” page of this Web site (with the exceptions of DUMB TYPE’s S/N and Makoto SATO’s Abe Sada’s Dogs, which are now being prepared).
+Plays of Volume One
Citizens of Seoul by Oriza HIRATA
Epitaph for the Whales by Yoji SAKATE
Time’s Storeroom by Ai NAGAI
Fireflies by Toshiro SUZUE
Tokyo Atomic Klub by Nozomi MAKINO
Ice Blossoms by Tatsuo KANESHITA
+Plays of Volume Two
The Man Next Door by Ryo IWAMATSU
Farewell to Huckleberry by Yutaka NARUI
Festival of the Fish by Miri YU
Hinii by Akio MIYAZAWA
Rhythm Method by Sanae IIJIMA & Yumi SUZUKI
Cape Moon by Masataka MATSUDA
+Plays of Volume Three
Kitaro the Ghost-buster by Eriko WATANABE
Miss Toyoko’s Departure by Rei ICHIDO
Godzilla by Yasuhiko OHASHI
The King of La Mancha’s Clothes by Kensuke YOKOUCHI
Lullaby: A Hundred Years of Song by Shoji KOKAMI
+Plays of Volume Four
Ode to Joy by So KITAMURA
Nippon Wars by Takeshi KAWAMURA
A Legend of Mermaids by Chong Wishin
Thread Hell by Rio KISHIDA
The Red Demon Akaoni by Hideki NODA
+Plays of Volume Five
The Amida Black Chant Murder Mystery by Den FUJITA
The Atami Murder Case by Kohei TSUKA
Mystery Tour by Mikio KOMATSU
The Family Adrift: The Jesus Ark Incident by Tetsu YAMAZAKI
Ayako: Mom’s Cherry Blossoms Never Fall by Kodai OKABE
Claire de Lune by Juichiro TAKEUCHI
+Plays of Volume Six
La Marie-Vison by Shuji TERAYAMA
Yabuhara, the Blind Master Minstrel by Hisashi INOUE
Abe Sada’s Dogs by Makoto SATO
The Tale of Komachi Told by the Wind by Shogo OTA
Sick by Minoru BETSUYAKU
A Cry from the City of Virgins by Juro KARA
Red Dawn over Manhattan by Ren SAITO
+Plays of Volume Seven
The Meiji Coffin by Ken MIYAMOTO
Oppekepe by Yoshiyuki FUKUDA
Comedy Duo in Hibernation by Satoshi AKIHAMA
Our Lady of the Scabs by Matsuyo AKIMOTO
Such a Serious Frivolity by Kunio SHIMIZU
At Play with a Lion by Masakazu YAMAZAKI
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