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Shochiku announces rebuilding of the Kabuki-za theater
 Shochiku Co., Ltd. and the Kabuki-za Co., Ltd. announce that they have begun reviewing detailed plans for eventual reconstruction of the Kabuki-za theater in the West Ginza section of Tokyo. The present Kabuki-za theater was newly reconstructed in 1950 (opened 1951) to replace the original theater opened in 1925 and burned during the World War II. Due to the aging of the building and its functional deficiencies such as a lack of barrier-free capability, the decision was made to re-build.
The schedule for start of reconstruction will require about two years for negotiations with local parties and the various required procedures, and during this preparation, performances at the theater will continue as usual. After the preparations are complete, the construction itself will require about three years and the target for completion and opening of the reconstructed theater is 2010. Plans call for alternative theater facilities to be used for Kabuki performances during the construction period.