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Commemorative Japan-Korea Friendship Year event 2005 Korea-Japan Roadclub Festival (J-Style in Seoul Street) to be held as all-night event featuring music, art, video, etc., by Japanese and Korean artists
  In celebration of the Japan-Korea Friendship Year, the Japan Foundation will present an all-night big event of music, art and video throughout Seoul’s hottest pop culture center, the Honde district. Being close to the art college of Hongik University and a natural gathering place for artistically minded students, the Hong Dae area has developed rapidly as a center of clubs and live-performance houses. The “Roadclub Festival;” held there each month (last weekend of the month) since 2001 has become one of the biggest events in Seoul, gathering over 10,000 people monthly. From March 25 to 27, the “J-Style in Seoul Street” will unfold as a cooperative event with the Korean Club Culture Association presenting the latest in Japanese and Korean art and performance in 14 clubs, seven live-performance houses, galleries, outdoor tents and on the streets. Taking part from Japan will be the groups Kick the Can Crew, Soul Flower Union and Be the Voice, disc jockeys DJKentaro, Ryukyu Disco, DJ Baku and Gothtrad, and the art group “Showa 40 Nen Kai” (made up of leading contemporary artists like Tsuyoshi Ozawa and Masamichi Tosa all born in 1965). Live Internet coverage of the all-night event is planned.

+ Japan-Korea Friendship Year 2005