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Performance of Hotel Grand Asia, a workshop production by 16 theater artists that was three years in the making under the Asian Contemporary Theater Collaboration Project
  The Setagaya Public Theater has undertaken numerous international collaboration projects in cooperation with the Japan Foundation, including the production Red Demon in collaboration with Thai artists, Pulau Antara (Island Between) with Malaysian artists, Screens in a French collaboration and Elephant Vanishes in a British collaboration. This time the Asian Contemporary Theater Collaboration Project has brought together 16 artists from Southeast Asia, America and Japan, all of whom have collaborated in the writing, staging and performance of a work through workshops that have been held since February of 2003 in Tokyo, Indonesia, Gumma (Japan), Tokyo and the Philippines. Following a month-long workshop at the Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media their theater drama Hotel Grand Asia has reached completion and performances will be given from March 8 to 17 at the Setagaya Public Theater.

+ Creation, Direction Performance by
  Azuzan JG (Indonesia), Dindon WS (Indonesia), Rochmad Tono (Indonesia), Jo Kukathas (Malaysia), Nam Ron (Malaysia), Loh Kok Man (Malaysia), Haresh Sharma (Singapore), Ivan Heng (Singapore), Josh Fox (The United States), Jose’ Estrella (Philippines), Rody Vera (Philippines), Herbert Go (Philippines), Narumol Thammapruksa (Thailand), Pradit Prasartthong (Thailand), Takeshi Kawamura (Japan), Tatsuo Kaneshita (Japan)