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March 2005 Visitor — Marion D'Cruz, representative of Malaysia's Five Arts Centre.
  The Five Arts Centre is an organization of artists and producers established in 1984. It is a group dedicated to promoting development of the arts with primary focus on dance, drama, visual art, performance/installation art and children's theater. It is also active in the nurturing of young artists and promoting arts in ways that stimulate local societies. D'Cruz, who was invited to Japan by the Japan Foundation in March 2005, is one of the founding members of the organization and presently serving as one of its representatives. She is one of Malaysia's leading dancers and choreographers and a driving force in that country's dance world.

Marion D'Cruz Profile:
After graduating with a BA (Performing Arts) from Universiti Sains Malaysia in 1977, D'Cruz completed an MA in Dance at the same university in 1979. Specializing since in dance, she has appeared internationally in Britain's Dance Umbrella Festival in 1998 and the Adelaide Performing Arts Market in 2000. She has also performed in Japan in the 1980s with her own dance company, Marion D'Cruz and Dancers. Her visit to Japan this time was to observe the present Japanese dance scene and art promotion programs. You will see an interview with her in a coming edition of the Performing Arts Network Japan website.