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Japan Foundation’s Play Translation Project: English translation of Suzuki Matsuo play completed
  The Japan Foundation began a translation project for contemporary Japanese plays in 2003. Recognizing the problem that plays that depend on the spoken word are seldom performed in foreign countries, this project has attempted to make English translations of some of the most highly acclaimed Japanese plays of the past ten years available to theater people, both in Japan and abroad. The ultimate aim is to create a repertoire of contemporary Japanese plays that can transcend national borders and be appreciated by foreign audiences.
The most recently completed translation in this project is of the play The Machine Diary by Suzuki Matsuo, a popular playwright and actor born in the 1960s who has had a big influence on the younger generation of Japanese theater artists. This is a play that looks at contemporary society with a highly critical eye in its portrayal of two couples who cannot love without first subjecting each other to extremely painful experiences.
Theaters or presenters that would like to receive this translation for possible performances or readings, please make inquiries to the e-mail address below.
+ Plays available in English translation:
Hisashi Inoue’s The Face of Jizo
Yoji Sakate’s The Attic
Masahiro Iwasaki’s A Country Far from Here
Chong Wishing’s The Winter Sunflower
Keralino Sandrovich’s Frozen Beach
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+ Inquiry for Modern Japanese Translation Project
For inquiries, please contact at performingarts[a]