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Third Asia-Europe Dance Forum - pointe to point
  Sponsored by the Asia-Europe Foundation ‘Dance Forum’, participants from several countries will conduct a workshop for producing work based on the theme of ‘Dramaturge in Dance and Media - The Director’s Role’. Media art, digital sound, installation, and dance workshops will be combined to create a total experience.

Director: IINA Naoto
The Dance and Media Japan Coordinating Director since Dance and Media Japan was established in 2001, aiming at the circulation of performing arts and media content, he has been involved in introducing overseas media artists, and managing media performance groups like ‘post-theatre’, ‘Et in terra pax’, ‘Grinder-Man’ and ‘nest’.

Workshop Leaders: Anna, RE[ ]/ Responsive Environment, Ruthe ZUNTZ, Michael REITZ
Performers: 23 Young dancers and choreographers from Asia-Europe.

Date: 13th September [Tue.] 20:00
Venue: Japan Foundation Forum (1F, Akasaka Twin Tower, 2-17-22 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo Tel: 03-5562-0699)
Entry: Free
Booking: Please ask at the TPAM General Reception Counter.