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English-edition guidebook Performing Arts in Japan – Traditional Music Today has published to introduce Japanese traditional music artists
 Since 1989, the Japan Foundation has been publishing English-version guidebooks and CD-ROMs introducing Japanese performing arts. The Foundation has continued to direct efforts toward the dissemination of new information, such as the book Performing Arts in Japan (*) in 2003 based on the database of artist information of this website “Performing Arts Network Japan.” This time we have focused on the hogaku (traditional Japanese music) genre that is the object of so much attention today from abroad. The result is the release on September 1st of the English-edition guidebook Performing Arts in Japan – Traditional Music Today, which introduces the profiles of 53 hogaku performance individuals/groups, overseas programs and access data.
The majority of the artists featured in this guidebook are ones known not only for their proven skills as hogaku performers but also for their originality and breadth of repertoire beyond the hogaku genre. We hope that this volume will show some of the wonderful instruments and performers that exist beyond the Japanese drum and Tsugaru shamisen genre that are already being actively performed overseas, and hopefully this information will lead to new collaborations and exchanges with artists from other genre overseas.
If you want to get this guidebook, please contact at performingarts[a]
*Some copies of the booklet “Performing Arts in Japan 2003” are available to visitors of this website. If you wish to receive a copy (ies), please contact us at performingarts[a]