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Japan Foundation Overseas Programs Around the World (Sep - Nov)
+Theater company ISHINHA Central & South American tour
Contemporary theater. After its world premiere as the highlight of the Japan-themed program at the famous Cervantino International Arts Festival (Mexico), this theater company ISHINHA ( production will tour on invitation to the Santos Culture center (Brazil).
Sep. 25 - Oct. 25   Mexico (Guanajuato), Brazil (Santos)
+BATIK European tour
A contemporary dance production by the BATIK dance company. The featured piece SHOKU (premiere 2004) is winner of the 2004 “Asahi Performing Arts Award” and “Kirin Dance Support” award. Part of EU exchange year program.
Sep. 29 - Oct.16   Germany (Frankfurt), France (Paris), Finland (Turku)
+Kyogen European tour
Kyogen performances and demos will be held in Madrid and Barcelona as part of Spain's Asia Festival. The Kyogen performers include Manzo Nomura and Manroku Nomura. The Kyogen plays Obagasake and Kagyu will be presented with accompanying explanations.
Oct. 2   Madrid (Spain)
Oct. 4   Barcelona (Spain) Workshop
Oct. 5   Barcelona (Spain) Performance
+Bunraku European tour
This official tour by the Bunraku Association ( members including such top performers as orator Takemoto Chitose Tayu, Takemoto Mojihisa Tayu, shamisen artist Tsurusawa Seisuke and puppeteer Kiritake Kanjuro will participate the Festival de Otono de la Comunidad de Madrid and other venues. The plays to be performed include Date Musume Koi no Higanoko, Hinomiyagura no dan and Tsubosaka Kannon Reigenki, Sawaichi Sumika yori Yama no dan.
Oct. 6 - 9Budapest (Hungary)
Oct. 12Gijon (Spain)
Oct. 14Vittoria (Spain)
Oct. 16San Sebantian (Spain)
Oct. 19 - 23   Madrid (Spain)
+Akira Kasai Butoh Americas tour
Solo performances and workshops by the Butoh dancer Akira Kasai. Participating in the Cervantino International Festival (Mexico) as part of this year’s honorary invitation Japan program, he will perform Kafun Kakumei so well received in his 2004 US tour. In Chile and the US he will perform the new piece Flowers. In NY he participates in a Butoh festival organized by the NPO CAVE.
Oct. 8 - 28   Mexico (Guanajuato), Chile (Santiago), U.S. (NewYork)
+Kensaku Sato Wadaiko drum tour in Southeast Asia
Solo Wadaiko drum performances by Kensaku Sato. Sato is a young Wadaiko drum performer who was one of the founding members of the Tokyo Percussion Company and is now a solo performer involved in experimental activities like performences for the visually and audibly handicapped.
Oct. 30 - Nov. 11   Myanmar (Yangonow), Cambodia (Phnompenh), Laos (Vientiane)
+Anmitsu Americas tour
Performances by the Tsugaru shamisen unit ANMITSU. In Colombia they will participatea opening event in the “50th Anniversary of Japanese Immigration Culture Week” and in Panama as an even in the "30 Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations Between Japan and Panama" program. In the US they participate in the Birmingham International Arts Festival.
Nov. 2 - 17   Colombia (Cali, Bogota), Bahama (Nassau), U.S. (birmingham, Atlanta)
+Drama Reading in Canada
Readings of the contemporary Japanese play Living with Father by Hisashi Inoue translated into English by the Japan Foundation drama tranlation project. The event is produced by the Crow’s Theater.
Nov.9 - 12   Toronto
+STRINGRAPHY performance
Performances on the STRINGRAPHY ( instrument inspired by the string telephone and workshops for children. STRINGRAPHY performer Kazue Mizishima performs a varied repertoire including her own original pieces, classic, pops, contemporary music, children’s songs and folk songs.
Nov. 15 - Dec. 3   Ireland (to be detarmined), U.K. (Norwich, Cardiff, London, Newcastle)
+Koma Middle East, Africa tour
The Wadaiko drum group Koma ( will perform in Algeria, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia they will appear in the “Japan Industry 2005” exposition commemorating the 50th year of diplomatic relations between the two countries.
Nov. 19 - Dec. 3   Algeria (Algere), Ethiopia(Addisababa), Saudiarabia (Riyadh)