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Program announcement of the Japan Foundation’s new support program, Performing Arts Japan (PAJ) for Europe 2006
  This program is designed to provide financial assistance for festivals and presenters in Europe that aim to introduce Japanese performing arts to local audiences.

The primary objectives of PAJ for Europe are:
1) to support the proper introduction of carefully selected Japanese performing arts with evenly planned geographic coverage in Europe;
2) to assist well-envisioned Europe-Japan collaborative projects during the creational phases of new works;
3) to provide educational forums in addition to performances, such as workshops and residency activities, to acquaint European audiences with Japanese performing arts in the context of their history, culture and development.

Qualified Area: Europe (excluding Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan)

Deadlines: October 14, 2005
Click on the address below to download the Application Form.

For detailed information, please contact the offices of the Japan Foundation in Paris, Rome, Cologne, London or Budapest.