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The Japan Foundation Overseas Programs Around the World (Nov. 2005-Jan. 2006)
+STRINGRAPHY performance
Performances on the STRINGRAPHY ( instrument inspired by the string telephone and workshops for children. STRINGRAPHY performer Kazue Mizishima performs a varied repertoire including her own original pieces, classic, pops, contemporary music, children’s songs and folk songs.
Nov. 22Norwich (UK) - Norwich Arts Centre/St Andrew’s Hall
Nov. 24Cardiff (UK) - Wales Millennium Centre/Weston Studio
Nov. 26, 27   London - Sadler’s Wells, Lillian Baylis Theatre (LBT)
Nov. 29London - Embassy of Japan
Dec. 1Gateshead (UK) - Sage Gateshead
+Koma Middle East, Africa tour
The Wadaiko drum group Koma ( will perform in Algeria, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia they will appear in the “Japan Industry 2005” exposition commemorating the 50th year of diplomatic relations between the two countries.
Nov. 21, 22Algere (Algeria) - Palais de la Culture
Nov. 25, 26Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) - National Theatre
Nov. 28, 29, 30   Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) - Japan Industry 2005
+APAP Hogaku (traditional Japanese music) showcase “Hogaku: New Sounds of Japan”
A showcase of Hogaku traditional Japanese music will be held at New York’s APAP arts market The following three groups will be sent to N.Y. for this showcase.
- AKI & KUNIKO with Sachio Suginuma (a guitar, koto and shakuhachi flute unit)
- Hannya Teikoku (shakuhachi flute trio)
- Shinichi Kinoshita (Tsugaru shamisen), Koji Motofuji (drum), Sayuri Ono (flute)
Jan. 22, 2006   Rhinelander Gallery in the Asia Society
*AKI & KUNIKO with Sachio Suginuma and Hannya Teikoku are also scheduled to perform in Chicago.
+GEKIDAN KAITAISHA Tokyo performance of “Yume” no Taisei (Dream Regime)
This is an international project by GEKIDAN KAITAISHA in collaboration with artists and researchers from Europe and Asia launched in January 2004 with the theme of “the globalization of the body of war and theatrical representation.” Since then, the work has continue with gatherings for workshops and works in progress at Cardiff, Wales, Broellin, Germany, Dili, East Timor and Amman, Jordan.
Dec. 2, 3, 4   Japan Foundation Forum