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The Japan Foundation Overseas Programs Around the World (Jan.-Mar. 2006)
 The Japan Foundation will sponsor the following performance programs beginning from Jan. 2006.
+Performance Troupe TAIHEN in Malaysia
Performance Troupe TAIHEN will perform in Malaysia. The title of the play to be performed is Uri Omoni (My Mother).
Jan. 16-18Workshop (Kuala Lumpur/The Actors Studio)
Jan. 20-22Performance (Kuala Lumpur/The Actors Studio)
Jan. 24-25   Workshop (venue undecided)
+APAP Hogaku (traditional Japanese music) showcase “Hogaku: New Sounds of Japan”
A showcase of Hogaku traditional Japanese music will be held at New York’s arts market APAP. The following three groups will be sent to N.Y. for this showcase.
- AKI & KUNIKO with Sachio Suginuma (a guitar, koto and shakuhachi flute unit)
- Hannya Teikoku (shakuhachi flute trio)
- Shinichi Kinoshita (Tsugaru shamisen), Koji Motofuji (drum), Sayuri Ono (flute)
Jan. 22, 2006   Lila Acheson Wallace Auditorium in the Asia Society
*AKI & KUNIKO with Sachio Suginuma and Hannya Teikoku
Jan. 25, 2006: International House at the University of Chicago
+Australia’s NIDA production of The Attic, written and directed by Yoji Sakate
Director Yoji Sakate will conduct a six-week course directing and instructing students of Australia’s National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) for a March graduation production of the play The Attic.
+2006 Australia Tour by Eitetsu Hayashi
As an opening program for the Japan-Australia Friendship Year 2006, one of Japan’s leading taiko drum performers, Eitetsu Hayashi, and his musician friends will give a performance tour in Australia. They will perform as official participants in the Perth International Arts Festival and the WOMADELAIDE Festival in Adelaide. The performers will include Eitetsu Hayashi, the young taiko drum performance group “Fuun-no-kai” and the leading Australian wadaiko drum performance group “TaikOz”, the traditional Australian instrument dijeridoo performer Matthew Doyle and the shakuhachi flute performer Riley Lee.
Feb. 14-15   Townsville Civic Theatre (Townsville)
Feb. 20-21Sydney Town Hall (Sydney)
Feb. 27Canberra Llewellyn Hall (Canberra)
Mar. 1Hamer Hall (Melbourne)
Mar. 5Perth Festival special outdoor stage (Perth)
Mar. 11-12WOMADELAIDE Festival special outdoor stage (Adelaide)
+Pops group Core of Soul 2006 Asia Tour “One Love, One Day, One Life!”
The Japanese pop music group Core of Soul will make an Asian tour.
Feb. 16-Mar. 11   Indonesia (Jakarta, Bandang), the Philippines (Manila), China (Shanghai, Beijing), South Korea (Seoul)