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Japanese-German bilingual Web magazine introducing the latest German trends in the arts launched as part of the Year of ‘Deutschland in Japan 2005/2006’
  Beginning on April 4, 2005, a Year of 'Deutschland in Japan 2005/2006' will be celebrated with over 300 events held around Japan relating to German culture, science and economic fields. Amidst the preparations for this year-long event, a new culture and arts oriented monthly Web magazine named "Deutsch Art News" has been launched to present current topics on German lifestyle, film, fashion, pop music, industrial design, performing arts and other arts events.
One of the articles in this Web magazine is about a play directed by René Pollesch that was performed at the 99-seat Volksbuhne Prater theater in Berlin. Pollesch studied under Heiner Muller and is currently the focus of much attention in Germany as a playwright and director. In an interview, Pollesch speaks about the contemporary theater scene in Berlin. The site also features lots of streaming photos, music and video and looks to be a helpful tool for getting to know urban culture in Germany today and the trends of its young people.

+ Deutsch Art News - A monthly Web magazine introducing cutting edge German culture
+ The official 'Deutschland in Japan 2005/2006' Web site (Japanese/German)
+ The Goethe Institute in Munich (Munchen) that operates the ‘Deutschland in Japan 2005/2006' Web site also introduces contemporary German plays and provides a Translation Promotion Programme. In addition to introducing important plays that have premiered in recent years in the site’s "Library of Theatre" section, information on plays for young people and children is also provided. It is also possible to request play scripts by email.