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The production of Masataka Matsuda's Umi to Higasa (Sea and Parasol) by the South Korean company Labo C.J.K. announced winner of the 41st "Donga Drama Award."
  Umi to Higasa (Sea and Parasol)The production of Masataka Matsuda, Kishida Drama Award winning play Umi to Higasa (Sea and Parasol) by the South Korean company Labo C.J.K. was announced winner the 41st Donga Drama Award for a play, and the award ceremony was held on January 27. This production was directed by Song Son-ho and performed by Korean actors during a run from September 9 ~ 26 at the Aroong Theater on the Seoul University Avenue. The Donga Drama Awards were established in 1964 by the Donga-ilbo newspaper and is one of South Korea's most prestigious drama awards. This was the first time that a Japanese play has won the award. One of the award judges, the theater critic Kim Yun-chol, wrote in his judge's statement that "A very Japanese play was adapted very naturally into the Korean context and, despite is very everyday setting, makes unique use of empty spaces and silence to create refined theatrical art." Also, Yea Su-joung, who played the role of the wife in this production, received the Acting Award. This production was created as a cooperative effort that emerged from the forward-looking and experimental exchange program "Asian Diffusion - Performing Arts, From the Perspective of Physical Expression" organized by the Kyoto Arts Center in 2002 and can be said to be a fruit of cultural exchange between Japan and Korea in the theater arts.
Other awards went to the Apple Theater production of Three Sisters as a joint award in the play category, to director So Jea-hyon for Run for Your Life in the new concepts in directing category and to Kim Kyong-su in the stage art category for Newlyweds.