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International Fair CUBADISCO 2005 to be held: May 21-29
  From 1964, the Cuban recording industry had been a monopoly of the Recordings and Musical Editions Enterprise (EGREM). However, the 1980s brought a variety of new domestic and foreign labels to the industry. The resulting development of the Cuban music world led to the 1997 start of the International Fair CUBADISCO, as a music festival organized by the Instituto Cubano de la Musica with the aim of strengthening exchanges between people in the music industry like domestic and international producers. In this year's 9th holding of the Fair, Japan has been chosen as honorary guest nation and the theme of the Fair will be "Women in the Music World." In its scheduled run from May 21 to 29, there will be new releases and symposiums and well as a schedule of daily recitals and sessions by domestic and international musicians at some 20 concert halls, theaters and jazz clubs around Havana. Many Japanese musicians including Diva Noriko and Sabrosura del Sonido are scheduled to perform. On the final day, Keiko Nakajima will perform a recital of Japanese songs accompanied by a full orchestra. Attention has also focused on the fact that Japanese writer Ryu Murakami has been chosen as fellow art director.

As one of its sponsorships, Japan Foundation will be sending the Japanese music ensemble Aki & Kuniko with Sachio Suginuma who perform on koto (Japanese harp), guitar and shakuhachi flute. (After this festival, this ensemble will tour on to the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica) Japan Foundation will also be sending the classical musician Ai Kanzaki, and the Latin music groups "Tokyo Cuban Boys" and Sabrosura del Sonido.

+ International Fair CUBADISCO 2005 schedule:
  May 21: Cubadisco Prizes awarding ceremony
  May 22: Opening Gala
  May 23: Symposiums "The Music Industry in the 21st Century" and "Evolution and history of the Record in Cuba"
  May 25: Japan day — Gala Cuba-Japon
Start of the International Fair
  May 21-29: Concerts held in venues around Havana
  May 29: Closing Gala
+ International Fair CUBADISCO 2005