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The Asian Arts Mart to be held in Singapore: June 3-5, 2005
  The Asian Arts Mart is a biennial Asian arts fair held on the theme of what it means to be Asian in the arts. The 2005 holding will run the three days of June 3 to 5. The program includes exhibition displays, round-table discussions and showcases of 17 contemporary works. The works come from Oceania, Canada, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, etc. From Japan will be a display performance of Reversible by the Lo-lo Lo-lo Dance Performance Company. The following optional events are scheduled during the Mart.

+ June 6: International Networking Lunch organized by the Association of Asia Pacific Performing Arts Centre (AAPPAC)
+ June 6-7: IETM Asia & Europe Performing Arts Colloquium seminar organized by the Informal European Theatre Meetings (IETM). The subject of discussion will be directions in the performing arts in Asia and Europe.
+ The Asian Arts Mart 2005