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33rd Mexico Cervantino International Arts Festival opens October 5
 The Cervantino International Arts Festival known as one of Latin America’s most important arts and culture festivals opens this year on October 5. Held in October every year since 1972 in the historic town of Guanajuato (approx. 400 km northwest of Mexico City) that is registered under the UNESCO World Heritage program, this festival is now in its 33rd holding. Named in honor of Miguel de Cervantes, author of the world famous novel Don Quixote, the festival seeks to be a venue for promotion of artistic creativity in the Spanish-speaking world. The festival presents works from a variety of genre, including music (classical, contemporary, pops and ethnic), opera, theater, dance, art, film and literature. For 2005 Japan and Spain are the special invitation countries (2004 was South Africa, 2003 was Germany and France, 2002 was Canada and 2001 Australia) and many Japanese artists and works will be presented, primarily in the performing arts and contemporary art. Numerous programs organized and supported by the Japan Foundation are also planned.
Dates: Oct. 5 - 23, 2005
Place: Guanajuato, Mexico
Participating artists: 2,550 from 32 countries (2005 planned)
Audience: Approx. 400,000 (2004 figure)
+The Japan Foundation programs in the performing arts
 Contemporary theater. A new production by the company founded in Osaka in 1970 as the Nippon Ishinha, which has continued to present countless works in the genre of “theater” led by Yukichi Matsumo.
Oct. 6-8   Venue: Auditorio del Estado
Akira Kasai
 Butoh dance. A performance by Akira Kasai, one of the leading dancers since Butoh’s formative period in the 1960s. The work to be performed is Kafun Kakumei so well received in his 2004 US tour of eight cities.
Oct. 10 - 11   Venue: Teatro Cervantes (Workshop: Oct. 12)
[International collaborative productions]
 Opera Yuzuru
 A famous standard of Japanese opera, Yuzuru will be performed in a joint Japan-Mexico production. This production originated from a request by the Japanese violinist Yuriko Kuronuma.
Sep. 28 - 29   Venue: Jose Peon Contralez Theater
Oct. 5 - 6Venue: Teatro Juarez
[Supporting productions]
 Experimental music combining traditional Japanese instruments (sho, shakuhachi flute, biwa lute, jiuta sangen) and contemporary instruments (drum, bass) and digital sound.
Oct. 9Venue: Leon/ Teatro Manuel Doblado
Oct. 11Venue: Teatro Juarez
Oct. 13Venue: Merida/ venue undecided
 Wadaiko Japanese drum performance. Since its formation in 1998, this group has become popular especially among young audiences for its new style of Japanese Wadaiko drum performance that draws the audience into the music like a rock concert.
Oct. 19   Venue: Metepec
Oct. 21   Venue: Guanajuato/ Esplanada de la Alondiga de Granaditas
Oct. 22   Venue: Leon
Oct. 23   Venue: Atizapan
Oct. 25   Venue: Morelia
Oct. 27   Venue: Mexico City/ National Autonomous University of Mexico
Oct. 29   Venue: Campeche
Miyazawa sick band
 Rock music. This rock band was formed especially for overseas performances by Kazushi Miyazawa of the band “The Boom” whose Shimauta (Island Song) has become loved worldwide. (A Japan, China, US Exchange Year program)
Oct. 16  Venue: Guanajuato/ Esplanada de la Alhondiga de Granaditas