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South Korea’s Arts Awards of The Year 2005 announced
 On Dec. 19 an awards ceremony was held at the large hall of the Arko Arts Theater (former Arts Council Theater) for the “Arts Awards of The Year 2005” sponsored by the Arts Council Korea. These awards were just established last year, but the size of the award purses it immediately became the focus of attention in the Korean arts world. Awards are given in the seven categories of literature, art, theater, dance, music traditional arts and multimedia arts, and in each of these categories one “Most Outstanding” award and four “Outstanding” awards are given for works or performances.
Of particular note in the theater division is the fact that thereof the award winning are either Japanese plays or plays originally written in Japanese.
Most Outstanding:   Choi Ha-Rim—poetry collection, There are times I can’t see you
Outstanding:Kon Son-Oku—novel, Vagrant Family
Yon Song-Hee—novel, Is That You There?
So Yong-Che—critical essay, Ethics in Literature
Nam Chan-Suk—children’s book, Post Box
Most Outstanding:   Ham Yong-A, artist—“Ham Yong-A Exhibition”
Outstanding:Kim Ju-Hyon, artist—“Sculpture of Expansion”
Kang Su-Mi, curator—“Resisting Translation”
Lee Yong-Chol, curator—“You Are My Sun, Korean Contemporary Art 1960-2004”
Yun Nan-Gi, former Director of Ewha Women’s College Museum —“Reverberations Transcending Time, Tradition and the Contemporary”
Most Outstanding:   Peksugwanbu Theater Company—Green Bench (written by Miri Yu, directed by Lee Song-Yol)
Outstanding:Kolmokil Theater Company—At the Boat Landing (written and directed by Park Gun-Hyong)
Mulri Theater Company—Running for Your Life (script adaptation by Han A-Rum, directed by So Jea-Yong)
Micyu Theater Company and PMC Production—Fairy in the Wall (written by Yoshiyuki Fukuda, directed by Son Jin-Chek)
Labo C.J.K—The Sea and Parasols (written by Masataka Matsuda, directed by Song Son-Ho)
Most Outstanding:   An Song-Su Pickup Group—Choices
Outstanding:Kim Yong-Hee Muto Dance—Stop the Heart
Son In-Yong Now Dance Company—Inside, Outside
Lee Gyong-Ok Dance Company—2005 Chu-Hyang, Play of Love
Seoul Ballet Theater—Spring, Water of a Stream
Most Outstanding:   Hwaum Chamber Orchestra—“10th Anniversary Concert”
Outstanding:Seoul Baroque Ensemble—“40th Anniversary Commemorative Concert”
Kim Dea-Jin, piano—“Mozart Piano Concerto Series VIII”
Choi Hee-Yon, piano—“Beethoven Piano Cycle”
So Gyong-Son, composition—“2005 Seoul International Music Festival KBS Orchestra Symphonic Poem / October”
+Traditional Arts
Most Outstanding:   Organizing Committee for the South-North Traditional Arts Exchange Exhibition—“South-North Traditional Arts Exchange Exhibition”
Outstanding:Kang Un-il, Hegum—“Hegum Plus V / The Everyday and Remembrance”
Folk Music Ensemble Menari—That Light As It Is
Taeru—I Love You As Much As Eating
Park Un-Yong Dance Company—“Palace Dance Recital”
+Multimedia Art
Outstanding:   Organizing Committee for the Flowers in the Hair Street Arts Festival—“2005 Jeju / Flowers in the Hair Street Arts Festival”
Kim Un-Yong—“Total Theater / Alice”