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The 2005 Asahi Performing Arts Awards Grand Prix has been presented for Utawasetai Otokotachi, a comedy about people caught up on the controversy about mandatory singing of the national anthem
 The winners of the 5th Asahi Performing Arts Awards (sponsored by the Asahi Newspaper), for outstanding works or persons in the field of performing arts such as theater and dance in 2005, were recently announced. The Grand Prix was presented for Utawasetai Otokotachi (Nitosha theater company production) written by Ai Nagai, a playwright known for her treatment of social issues in well-made comedies. Other awards went to frequent winners director Yukio Ninagawa (Asahi Special Award) and dancer Min Tanaka (Performing Arts Award).
+The winning people, companies
Grand Prix: For Best Stage of the Year (Prize: ¥2 million)
Utawasetai Otokotachi, Nitosha theater company production, written and directed by Ai Nagai, starring Keiko Toda, etc.
Performing Arts Award: (Asahi Special Award) For individual/company whose activities were most outstanding (Prize: ¥2 million)
Yukio Ninagawa (director)
Performing Arts Award: For individual/company whose activities were most outstanding
K-Ballet Company (Lead by Tetsuya Kumakawa)
Min Tanaka (dancer, choreographer)
Tomoko Naraoka (actress)
Mansai Nomura (Kyogen actor, director)
Shuji Terayama Award: Memorial award honoring the late Shuji Terayama and awarded to fresh new talents (individuals/companies) showing great promise for the future
Kikunosuke Onoe (Kabuki actor)
Matsuyo Akimoto Award: Memorial award honoring the late Matsuyo Akimoto and awarded to works, individuals or companies in the realm of theater for achievements combining artistic excellence with entertainment value
Keiko Toda (actress)
Asahi Special Award: For individuals or companies who have made outstanding accomplishments over the years
Kikuko Ogata (Theater costume designer)
Kirin Special Grant for the Dance: Support from Kirin Beverage Co. for a return production of a selected dance production within a one-year period
Min Tanaka