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Winners announced for the 50th Kishida Kunio Drama Award, the renowned award for emerging contemporary playwrights
 The two winners of the 2005 Kishida Drama Award are Nukegara (exuvia, shed skin), by Norihiko Tsukuda, the leader of the theater company B-kyu Yugeki-tai which has been active in Nagoya for 20 years, and Ai no Uzu (Maelstrom of Love) by Daisuke Miura, leader of the progressive theater company Potudo-ru.
Born in Nagoya, Aichi Pref. in 1964, Norihiko Tsukuda is playwright, director and actor of the theater company B-kyu Yugeki-tai. The play that wins this award is a theater adaptation of a drama originally written by Tsukuda for radio and later adapted for the new-theater (shingeki) company Bungaku-za. The nonsense plot involves a main character who has seen his life crumble around him in a rapid succession of events starting with a traffic accident, being fired from his job in a disciplinary action, divorce and the death of his mother. He lives with his father and the shed skins his father leaves as he undergoes a series of molting, like an insect.
Born in 1975, Daisuke Miura formed the company Potudo-ru in 1996 with other members of the Waseda University theater circle, for which he serves as playwright and director. He created a sensation with his radical, semi-documentary style plays taking sex as their theme and portraying groups of men and women in gritty settings such as love hotels and sex-industry clubs. The winning play this time deals with the sexual exploits of a group of men and women during the course of one night at a sex club. The first film Miura directed, Hatsukoi (First Love) won the Judges' Special Award at the 25th Pia Film Festival. In this way, Miura is an artist who has become the focus of attention and expectations in both theater and film.
Masahiro Iwasaki, Ongakugeki Japanese Idiot (script) Kiyoshi Kozato, Alberto wo Sagase (script) Norihiko Tsukuda, Nukegara (script) Keishi Nagatsuka, Last Show (script) Kenji Azuma, Furaibo raijin yashiki (script) Shiro Maeda, Cabbage no tagui (script) Daisuke Miura, Ai no Uzu (script) Yukiko Motoya Rambo to Taiki (script)

*Kishida Kunio Drama Award
This award was founded in 1955 with the aim of encouraging and nurturing playwrights capable of breathing new life into the contemporary theater world. The works for consideration are basically ones that have been published in magazines or books, but in the case of plays that have achieved exceptional and notable success in performance, unpublished texts or scripts are also eligible for consideration. All of the finalist works this time were stage scripts. The seven Award judges were Hisashi Inoue, Ryo Iwamatsu, Shoji Kokami, Yoji Sakate, Ai Nagai, Hideki Noda and Akio Miyazawa.