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Tokyo International Arts Festival 2006 opens on Feb. 10
 Tokyo International Arts Festival 2006 organized by the NPO Art Network Japan opens on Feb. 10 and will run until Mar. 27 with the Nishi-Sugamo Sozo-sha, a former school building, as its main venue.
Invited foreign productions include Emilia Galotti directed by Michael Thalheimer of the Deutsches Theater Berlin (joint production with the Saitama Arts Center) as well as the Middle East series that is in its third year now and will feature a production of Kalila Wa Dimna or The Mirror for Princes by Sulayman Al-Bassam Theatre of Kuwait and from Israel a contemporary dance production Strawberry Cream and Gunpowder (choreography by Yasmeen Godder. Also, in a collaboration with Japan/US Cultural Trade Network (CTN), four plays written since the 9/11 terror attacks will be the subject of drama readings by young Japanese directors. Other programs include performances by regional theater companies from around Japan and performances of works by Becket, Sara Kane and Osamu Dazai.
The International Visitors Program (IVP) that has been co-sponsored by the Japan Foundation since 1997 will organize a symposium “Is Theater Critique Useful?” at the Nishi-Sugamo Sozo-sha on March 19. This is a symposium that is being organized at the suggestion of the International Association of Theater Critics (IATC/AICT). As a pre-event for the symposium, special presentations are planned for the invited international critics to talk about the current state of theater in their respective countries.
+Tokyo International Arts Festival 2006: International programs
American Contemporary Plays and Playwrights Series, Vol.1 : “America” Drama Readings
Mayhem by Kelly Stuart; directed by Masako Miyazaki (Haiyu-za)
Bellagio by Mac Wellman; directed by Makoto Nakashima
Act A Lady by Jordan Harrison; directed by Junko Emoto (Kegawazoku)
The Sex Habits of American Women by Julie Marie Myatt; directed by Shigeki Nakano
Feb. 10-12 at Nishi-Sugamo Sozo-sha
Yasmeen Godder and The Bloody Bench Players (Israel)
Strawberry Cream and Gunpowder choreography by Yasmeen Godder
Mar. 1-4 at Nishi-Sugamo Sozo-sha
Sulayman Al-Bassam Theatre (Kuwait) Kalila Wa Dimna or The Mirror for Princes
Mar. 10-16 at Nishi-Sugamo Sozo-sha
Deutsches Theater Berlin Emilia Galotti directed by Michael Thalheimer
Mar. 19-21 at Sai no Kuni Saitama Arts Theater
+International Association of Theater Critics (IATC/AICT) International Symposium
“Is Theater Critique Useful?” Mar. 19 at Nishi-Sugamo Sozo-sha
Reservations needed — Apply at this Web site
Special Presentations
Mar. 17 (Europe), 18 (Middle East, South America) /Nishi-Sugamo Sozo-sha, 2F Salon
Reservations needed — Apply at this Web site
+Tokyo International Festival (TIF)