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JCDN’s new DVD introduces Japanese contemporary dance artists
 Japan Contemporary Dance Network (JCDN) is an NPO made up of artists and other professionals in the dance world engaged in activities aimed at promoting the development of contemporary dance and the necessary environment for that development. With support from the Agency for Cultural Affairs program for the support of arts organization, artist and personnel development since 2002, JCDN has been publishing a booklet (in Japanese) introducing the profiles and activities of the Network’s members and DVDs (in Japanese/English) containing videos of performances under the series title JCDN Membership Dance File. The 5th edition of this series has recently been released with introductions of 57 artists and 57 companies, making it an ideal resource for learning about the present state of contemporary dance in Japan. Note that the 2004 edition of the booklet is also posted on the JCDN website. If you are interested in the 2005 edition of the JCDN Membership Dance File, please direct your inquiries to