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Shakuhachi flutist Akikazu Nakamura publishes Missoku de Karada ga Kawaru, a book on breathing method
 A contemporary shakuhachi flutist who performs a varied repertoire ranging from traditional (mendicant [Zen] monk music) to rock, jazz, contemporary and improvisational musics and also composes, Akikazu Nakamura has recently published a book titled Missoku de Karada ga Kawaru (Dense Breath Changes the Body), which introduces the traditional Japanese breathing method known as missoku.
Missoku is the breathing method used traditionally in Zen meditation and in the shakuhachi flute playing of mendicant Zen monks, and it is based on taking in a large breath quickly and letting it out in a long, slow exhale. The shakuhachi performer Nakamura tells about his encounter with this breathing method—which also has equivalents in the breath method used in the traditional Japanese performing arts and by masters of calligraphy—and how he learned the fukushiki kokyu (abdominal breathing), kyoshiki kokyu (chest breathing) and junkan kokyu (“circulating breath” that enables continuous, unbroken blowing) techniques, and he explains the actual practice of these techniques. This is a must read for understanding some important aspects of Japanese culture. (Available in Japanese only.)
+Missoku de Karada ga Kawaru (Dense Breath Changes the Body)
By Akikazu Nakamura, Shinchosha publication, ¥1,000