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“Suginami Arts Hall” to open in 2009 as theater run by Japanese playwrights
 It has been announced that a new “Suginami Arts Hall” will open in 2009 in Tokyo’s Suginami Ward under the management (* see also An overview) of the NPO “Creative Theater Network” (CTN), an organization of consisting mainly of playwrights. CTN was founded in 2005 by playwrights living in Suginami Ward, including Ren Saito, Minoru Betsuyaku, Shoji Kokami, Yoji Sakate, Nozomi Makino and Satoshi Suzuki, with the purpose of putting to use the accumulated expertise of these playwrights for the benefit of society. There is great interest now to see how Japan’s first theater run by playwrights will operate.
Plans call for the new theater complex to consist of three halls and three studios plus peripheral facilities like an archive library and café.

(*) A 2003 revision of regional governance law has made it possible for the first time for NPOs and other private sector organizations and companies to be given right of management over “public facilities” that until then could only be managed by local government or public sector organizations (valid from Sept. 2006).