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Theater, Dance Performance Information — introduces events from Aug. 2006 to the end of the 2006
 The information below is according to plans as of August 2006 and there may be subsequent changes. For final details of scheduling and contents, please contact the theater or company involved.
+Setagaya Public Theatre
The Setagaya Public Theatre is one of Tokyo’s most active venues of contemporary performing arts with special concentration on introduction of foreign plays, programs of contemporary dance and collaborative productions with foreign groups and artists. The facility consists of the roughly 600-seat Setagaya Public Theatre and the 225-seat Theatre Tram. The artistic director is Mansai Nomura.
One of the highlights of the domestic programs is the new work Hoketsu (The Substitute) by Shigahiro Ide’ s company Idevian Crew. Also, the winner of the 2005 Choreographer of the Next Generation prize of the Toyota Choreography Awards, Maho Sumiji, will present a winner’s performance before heading off to Europe in September on the Toyota Awards overseas performance grant. The theatre’s solo dance series “SePT SOLO” features solo dance works by some of today’s most sought-after choreographers and dancers. For this series, choreographers of leading companies take on the challenge of creating and presenting solo works that explore the origins of their individual physical language and ideas. For the coming 16th performance will be a work by Mikuni Yanaihara of Nibroll, a company known for its highly theatrical dance.
 Toyota Choreography Awards 2005 winner’s performance
Selenographica What Follow the Act, Endless Paragraphs
Date: Aug. 25-26
Place: Theatre Tram

Idevian Crew Hoketsu (The Substitute)
Date: Sep. 21-24, 2006
Place: Setagaya Public Theatre
Idevian Crew

SePT SOLO vol.16 Mikuni Yanaihara Sayonara (Goodbye)
Date: Dec. 22-24
Place: Theatre Tram
In theater, the Setagaya Public Theatre has been actively producing works that are a fusion of the traditional and the contemporary, from the standpoint of the Kyogen artist. These works are the artistic pursuit of the Setagaya Public Theater’s artistic director, Mansai Nomura, who is himself trained as a Kyogen actor. First among these works will be a revival of Atsushi - Sangetsuki and Meijinden directed by Mansai and starring his father Mansaku Nomura, the leader of today’s Kyogen actors. This is a work in which Mansaku and other Kyogen actors attempt a contemporary play. This production makes full use of Mansai’s connections in the traditional arts, such as bringing in some of the young stars of the Hagaku traditional Japanese music world to perform the music, including otsuzumi drum performer Hirotada Kamei and the shakuhachi flutist Dozan Fujiwara. The theatre will also present a “Becket Autumn in Setagaya” to introduce the works of the Irish-born playwright Samuel Becket on the occasion of Becket’s centennial. The first performance will be of a new translation of Endgame / Fin de partie, which stands along with Waiting for Godot as one of Becket’s masterpieces. There will also be a performance of the new play Kaku Onna (A Woman Who Writes) written by one of Japan’s leading social comedy writers, Ai Nagai and taking as its subject the Meiji Period female writer Ichiyo Higuchi.
 Setagaya Public Theatre Production Atsushi — Sangetsuki and Meijinden
Date: Sep. 1-18
Place: Setagaya Public Theatre

Setagaya Public Theatre Production Endgame / Fin de partie
Date: Sep. 22- Oct. 1
Place: Setagaya Public Theatre
Author: Samuel Becket
Director: Makoto Sato

Nitosha Production Kaku Onna (A Woman Who Writes)
Date: Oct. 2-15
Place: Setagaya Public Theatre
Playwright /Director: Ai Nagai
Bunkamura is a private-sector comprehensive arts center run by the Tokyu Group. Located in Shibuya, one of Tokyo’s central entertainment districts, the facility includes a concert hall (Orchard Hall), a theater (Theatre Cocoon), an art museum and a movie theater. With these facilities Bunkamura is serving as an important center for the generation of new works in the performing arts. Since he was named artistic director in 1999, Yukio Ninagawa has used its theater as the venue for Tokyo productions of his new works as well as making it the place where up-and-coming playwrights and directors from the small theater scene can stage their works along with high-profile productions of plays cast with popular actors from TV and film.
Scheduled in the lineup for the remainder of this year are two productions directed by Ninagawa Yukio. Once again Ninagawa will be staging a new translation of a Greek tragedy by Euripides, this time in Orestes, a tale of terrible revenge by the young Orestes, the younger brother of Electra who is afflicted with madness. As a follow-up to last year’s production of the Kunio Shimizu play Maboroshi ni Kokoro mo Sozoro Kuruoshi no Warera Masakado with another Shimizu play Tango , Fuyu no Owari ni, which tells a story staged in an old movie theater in northern Japan about the madness of a down-and-out actor. Ninagawa first directed a premiere production of this play in 1984 and performed it later in the 1991 Japan Festival in the UK. In December there will be a production of Hideki Noda’s new work Rope.
 Bunkamura Production Orestes
Date: Sep. 6-Oct. 1
Place: Theatre Cocoon
Author: Euripides
Translator: Harue Yamagata
Director: Yukio Ninagawa

Bunkamura Production Tango, Fuyu no Owari ni
Date: Nov. 4- 29
Place: Theatre Cocoon
Playwright: Kunio Shimizu
Director: Yukio Ninagawa

NODA MAP 12th Production Rope
Date: Dec. 5, 2006-Jan. 31, 2007
Place: Theatre Cocoon
Playwright/Director: Hideki Noda
+New National Theatre, Tokyo
In contrast to the National Theater of Tokyo that serves as a center for the traditional Japanese performing arts such as Kabuki and Bunraku, the New National Theater, Tokyo was opened in 1997 with a focus on the contemporary arts of opera, ballet, dance and drama. The facility has an opera theater, a mid-sized theater (Playhouse) and a small theater (The Pit). The present artistic director of the Theater Division is Tamiya Kuriyama, In July of 2007, the director Hitoshi Uyama is scheduled to succeed him as the second artistic director. The artistic director of the Ballet and Dance Division is Asami Maki.
September’s “Dance Exhibition 2006” presents a lineup of ten works that explore the possibilities of dance expression and the unexpected under key words including “Dance and Drama” and “Dance and Technology.” The collaboration project brings together some of today’s most renowned dancers with their great variety of styles. In December, KARAS’ Saburo Teshigawara performs the world premiere of his new work Glass Tooth.
 Dance Planet No.21 ”Dance Exhibition 2006”
[Program A]
Date: Sep.15-16
Place: The Pit

[Program B]
Date: Sep. 18-19
Place: The Pit

Dance Theatron No.14
Saburo Teshigawara Glass Tooth
Date: Dec. 15-17
Place: Playhouse
Choreography, staging, set and lighting design: Teshigawara Saburo
In addition to focusing on reexamining contemporary playwrights from both in and out of the country, the theater commissions new works as well, and in a new series begun in April of 2006 called Wareware wa Doko e Ikunoka (where are we going?), Chinese playwright Guo Shixing (April, Kaeru), Ryo Iwamatsu (April-May, Material Mom), Ai Nagai (May-June, Yawarakai Fuku wo Kite), Hisashi Inoue (June-July, Yume no Kasabuta) all presented new works, receiving favorable reviews. Also in this year’s line-up is Asia no Onna by Keishi Nagatsuka, the playwright/director/actor who is causing a stir in the contemporary theater world, and a new work by playwright and director Toshiki Okada titled Enjoy. Expectations are also high for a series of three productions, Cyrano de Bergerac, Ivanov, and Oedipus Rex to be held in November by Tadashi Suzuki, famous for the Suzuki Method, which introduces the stylized body expression used in traditional Japanese performing arts.
 Asia no Onna (Woman in Asia)
Date: Sep. 28-Oct. 15
Place: The Pit
Playwright/Director: Keishi Nagatsuka

Collaboration with Shizuoka Performing Arts Center Cyrano de Bergerac
Date: Nov. 2-12
Place: Playhouse
Author: Edomond Rostand
Director: Tadashi Suzuki

Collaboration with Shizuoka Performing Arts Center Oedius Rex / Ivanov
Date: Nov. 4-12
Place: The Pit
Playwright: Sophocles (Oedius Rex), Anton Chekhov (Ivanov)
Director: Suzuki Tadashi

Chelfitsch Enjoy
Date: Dec. 7-23
Place: The Pit
Playwright/Director: Toshiki Okada
+Niigata City Performing Arts Center, Ryutopia
This is a facility located in Niigata city of Niigata Pref., on the Japan Sea coast of eastern Japan, dedicated to classical music and theater. This comprehensive cultural facility has galleries and studios in addition to a concert hall, theater, and Noh theater. The facility undertakes a wide range of independent ventures ranging from classical music to modern theater and contemporary dance, supporting the artistic endeavors of both artists and local residents. It is also home to Japan’s first residential contemporary dance company, Noism06, with artistic director of contemporary dance, Jo Kanamori.
Noism06’s new performance has just announced.
 Noism06 - Guest Choreographer Program [Triple Vision]
New Creation: Yoshifumi Inao & Christine Inao
New Creation: Shintaro Oue

Noism06's repertory [black ice]: Jo Kanamori
Date: Nov. 10-12 Place: Niigata Ryutopia Theater
The fourth production in the popular Noh Theater Shakespeare series produced by the Ryutopia Theater Department was one of Shakespeare’s four great tragedies, Othello (Directed by Yoshihiro Kurita). The company’s third production, The Winter’s Tale, was well received at an international Shakespeare festival held in Romania in April of 2006, earning remarks such as “most memorable performance.”
 Ryutopia Noh Theater Shakespeare Series Othello
Author: William Shakespeare
Translator: Kazuko Matsuoka
Director: Yoshihiro Kurita
Date: Aug. 22-26
Place: Niigata Ryutopia Noh Theater
Date: Aug. 28-31
Place: Umewaka No Theater
+Other Topical Events/Projects/Productions
 Battles in the Fort Apache—Puzzling Sunday (Tomadoi no Nichiyoubi)
Date: Aug. 31-Sep. 10
Place: Sunshine Theatre
Playwright: Koki Mitani
Director: B-saku Sato
*A late work of situation comedy by popular Japanese comedy playwright, Kouki Mitani.

SIS Company Production Baku no Yurikago
Date: Sep.1-29
Place: Kinokuniya Theater
Playwright/Director: Go Aoki
*A new work from the SIS Company led by Akiko Kitamura, known as the producer of Hideki Noda.

Shochiku Production Makaitensho
Date: Sep. 2-26
Place: Shinbashi Enbujo
Director: G2
*A new Kabuki play staged by a contemporary playwright and director.

Shinkansen NEXUS vol.2 Cat in the Red Boots
Date: Sep. 15-28
Place: Tokyo Globe Theatre
Playwright: Masashi Todayama
Director: Hidenori Inoue
*A new work by the popular company Gekidan Shinkansen.

Origato Plastico Vol. 3 THE FLOATING LIGHT BULB
Date: Sep. 28-Oct. 9
Place: Honda Theater
Author: Woody Allen
Director: Keralino Sandrovich
*Keralino Sandrovich makes a second effort at staging a work in translation.

Asagaya Spiders’ Production Dog’s Day
Date: Nov. 9- 26
Place: Honda Theater
Playwright/Director: Keishi Nagatsuka
*The next performance by Keishi Nagatsuka’s Asagaya Spiders.

Gekidan Motoya Yukiko Production Sounan (Distress)
Date: Oct. 12- 19
Place: Aoyama Round Theatre
Playwright/Director: Yukiko Motoya
*A new work by the hot young playwright/director Yukiko Motoya.
 Korea+Japan Dance Contact Vol. 7

Date: Sep. 26-30
Place: Aoyama Round Theatre

[A program] (Sep. 26)
SOA (Spirit of Asia) Gong-Myung
Lee Young Song of a White Butterfly
Park Jun-Woo Run
Kimiho Hulbert skin to skin

[B program] (Sep. 28)
Chung Jae-Yong Higher up, Mountain
Tatsuya Kusuhara ME, MYSELF AND I
Manami Fukuoka Goodon Sorae! Subetede!

[C program] (Sep. 30)
Kim Yong-Chul A man’s requiem for the lonely
Shimon & Lee Eun-Hee Still Waiting…
Chisato Katata or Cyclone
Naoka Uemura White Hole

Date: Oct. 22-Nov. 19
Place: Aoyama Theatre / Aoyama Round Theatre / Spiral Hall

[A program] (at Spiral Hall, Oct. 22)
Laurence Yadi, Nicolas Cantillon/Compagnie 7273 Simple proposition
Naoka Uemura The Last Planet

[B program] (at Spiral Hall, Oct. 29)
Tommi Kitti / Tommi Kitti & Co. Spiral
Mineko Saito Remodeling
Choreography: Shigehiro Ide

[C program] (at Aoyama Round Theatre, Oct. 31)
Jin-ju Song Keep in Touch
Hiroshi Koike / Pappa TARAHUMARA Three Sisters

[D program] (at Aoyama Round Theatre, Nov. 2)
Constanza Macras / Constanza Macras & DORKY PARK I’m not the only one
Myong-fee Yun Canary and Commitment

[E program] (at Aoyama Round Theatre, Nov. 4)
Danièle Desnoyers / Le Carré des Lombes Dous pour corps et instruments
Makoto Enda / makotocluv mutsukashi hanashi (tale complex)

[F program] (at Aoyama Round Theatre, Nov. 6)
Danièle Desnoyers / Le Carré des Lombes Dous pour corps et instruments
Louise Lecavalier (title undecided)
 Choreography: Cristal Pite
Louise Lecavalier×Masaharu Imazu Cobalt rouge Remix
 Choreography: Tedd Robinson

[G program] (at Aoyama Round Theatre, Nov. 8)
Arco Renz / Kobalt Works heroïne
Louise Lecavalier “I” Is Memory
 Choreography: Benoît Lachambre
Louise Lecavalier×Masaharu Imazu Cobalt rouge Remix
 Choreography: Tedd Robinson

H program (at Aoyama Round Theatre, Nov. 10)
Yasmeen Godder i feel funny today
Julie Nioche La Sisyphe

[I program] (at Aoyama Theatre, Nov. 11-12)
Guilherme Botelho / Alias I want to go home
Ryohei Kondo / Condors (title undecided)

[J program] (at Spiral Hall, Nov. 19)
Massimo Moricone #06 & #07.2006, skin-fatman/ littlebastard
Micari×Go Taneda (title undecided)

Condors ELDORADO-New Best of Condors
Date: Aug. 30-Sep. 3
Place: Theater Apple
Choreographer: Ryohei Kondo
*Summer production by Condors, including leader Ryohei Kondo.

Arditti String Quartet + Tsuyoshi Shirai Apartment House 1776
John Cage: 44 Harmonies from Apartment House 1776 arranged by Irvine Arditti

Date: Aug. 31
Place: Tsuda Hall
Music: Arditti String Quartet
Dance: Tsuyoshi Shirai
*2006 Toyota Choreography Award winner Tsuyoshi Shirai’s collaboration with string quartet.

“Three Men's Choreography”
Date: Sep. 15-17
Place: Kichijoji Theater
Hiroaki Umeda/S20 Duo
Makoto Enda/Makoto Cluv Jijochiiki
Yukio Suzuki / king-yo dulcinea
A collaboration of three popular male choreographers.

Dance of the Japanese folk tales
Date: Oct. 7- 8 Place: Sainokuni Saitama Arts Theater
Nezumi no Sumo
 Choreography: Ryohei Kondo/Condors
Hekkoki Yome
 Choreography: Chie Ito/Strange Kinoko Dance Company
*Contemporary dance based on Japanese folk tales

Kaiji Moriyama KATANA
Date: Sep. 1-3
Place: Spiral Hall
Choreography/ Dance: Kaiji Moriyama

Date: Sep. 8- 10
Place: Kichijoji Theater
Choreography: Dance Company BIWAKEI

Osamu Jareo and Misako Terada I was born
Date: Sep. 14-18
Place: Komaba Agora Theater
*Osamu Jareo and Misako Terada’s dance with a theater play by Masataka Matsuda.