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Scripts of six contemporary Japanese plays available for international presenters in English translations
 In 2003, the Japan Foundation began a “Contemporary Drama Translation Project” to translate representative works of contemporary Japanese playwrights into English and make them available internationally. Performing arts like dance and music that don’t rely on words are relatively easy mount international performances of, but there are very few opportunities to introduce contemporary Japanese plays overseas in their original Japanese texts form. This translation project was initiated as an attempt to make the outstanding works of these contemporary playwrights available in a form in which foreign audiences can appreciate their expression of our contemporary world.
Until now six plays have been translated through this project, all of which are representative works chosen by specialists in the theater field from the works introduced and performed over the past ten years. If you are interested in using any of these works for drama readings or performances, please contact the source below.
+Plays in English translation
Hisashi Inoue’s The Face of Jizo
Masahiro Iwasaki’s A Country Far From Here
Keralino Sandorovich’s Frozen Beach
Yoji Sakate’s The Attic
Chong Wishing’s The Winter Sunflower
Suzuki Matsuo’s The Machine Diaries
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