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The Japan Foundation Overseas Programs Around the World (from July 2006)
 The Japan Foundation will sponsor the following performance programs beginning from July 2006.
+Un Yamada in Indonesia Dance Festival
Contemporary dance artist Un Yamada has been invited to perform in Indonesia’s largest dance festival, the Indonesia Dance Festival, She will perform her work W.i.f.e.
July 20:   Jakarta, Indonesia; Gedung Kesenian Jakarta
+Tsugaru Shamisen Australian Tour “Tsugaru - Soul and Beat of Japan”
An ensemble centering around Tsugaru Shamisen players Michihiro (father) and Michiyoshi (son), featuring shakuhachi, koto and tabla, will hold performances at three Australian cities as part of the Australia-Japan Year of Exchange .
Aug. 17–18:   Sydney; City Recital Hall
Aug. 20–21: Canberra; Llewellyn Hall
Aug. 23: Brisbane; Tivoli Theater
Aug. 24: Brisbane; Brisbane Town Hall
+South Asian Hogaku Tour (Katmandu, Dhaka, Kolkata, Colombo)
A tour by a Hogaku ensemble made up of koto, shakuhachi, and shou.
Musicians: Ai Kajigano (koto), Hiromu Motonaga (shakuhachi), Naoyuki Manabe (shou)
Sept. 1–2:   Katmandu
Sept. 6: Dhaka
Sept. 9: Kolkata
Sept. 12: Colombo
+The National Theatre collection of Kabuki paintings and a demonstration of Zashiki-mai
A dual project with an exhibition of the Japanese National Theatre’s collection of Kabuki paintings and a demonstration of zashiki-mai. Performers: Aya Yoshimura, Rokou Tousha and others. Rather than just displaying paintings, this program will present performances of the actual dances depicted in the paintings in order to deepen understanding and appreciation. Lectures will also be given.
Sept. 12: Budapest, Hungary / Museum of Applied Arts
Sept. 14: Italy / The Japan Cultural Institute of Rome
*The exhibitions will remain on display for about a month from Sept. into Oct.
+Yuko Suzuki Brazil Tour
Pianist Yuko Suzuki, a second-generation apprentice to the world-renowned Brazilian composer Villa-Lobos, makes a performance tour of nine Brazilian cities (Manaus, Fortaleza, Belem, Rio De Janeiro, Curitiba, Porto Alegre, Florianopolis, Brazilia, Sao Paulo) primarily during the “Japanese Culture Month.”
Sept. 22 – Oct. 15 / details undecided
+Kodo Far Eastern Russia Tour
One of Japan’s representative drum groups, Kodo, will make a performance tour of Far Eastern Russia. The tour will visit Vladivostok, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and Irkutsk as well as Yakutsk in Sakha Republic. In addition to performances, they will also hold workshops and other exchange activities.
Oct. 29 – Nov. 14, 2006 / details undecided