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September Visitor — Mr. Mohamed Abdel Monem El Sawy, Director of Cairo’s El-Sawy Culture Centre
 Important figure from the performing arts world visiting Japan September 2006
Invited visitor: Mr. Mohamed Abdel Monem EL SAWY
Country: Egypt
Position: Director of The Sakia (Waterwheel) of Abdel-Moneim El Sawy (common name: El-Sawy Culture Centre)
Visit dates: Sept. 3-13
Purpose of visit: The El-Sawy Culture Centre is familiar to the younger generation in Cairo as the country’s first private-sector culture center and Mr. Mohamed Abdel Monem El-Sawy hopes to visit public culture centers and exchange information and opinions especially in the area of project planning for future reference in operations at the El-Sawy Culture Centre. He will also see performances of traditional Japanese performing arts and theater and visit exhibitions.