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Invited performing arts representatives from Nov. 2006
 Invitee: Mr. Ekow Eshun
Nationality: U.K.
Position: Artistic Director, Institute of Contemporary Arts
Visit dates: Jan. 4-18, 2007 (planned)
Purpose of visit: The Institute of Contemporary Arts is a shrine of UK pop culture and presenter of many events for young people. As a leader of the institute, Mr. Eshun has been invited to Japan to provide an opportunity to deepen his understanding Japanese pop culture and social conditions in Japan today.

Invitee: Mr. Malcolm LONG
Country: Australia
Position: Director of the Australian Film, Television & Radio School
Visit dates: Feb. 2-11, 2007 (planned)
Purpose of visit: Mr. Long will be meeting and networking with people in Japanese radio, newspapers, film and media education. He will also tour Japanese filmmaking studios and locations.

Invitee: Mr. Bernd Scherer
Country: Germany
Position: Director of the House of World Cultures
Visit dates: March 1-15, 2007 (planned)
Purpose of visit: The House of World Cultures is one of Berlin’s public cultural institutions that specializes in introducing the arts (fine arts, theater, music, literature, film) from non-European countries. Mr. Scherer will be seeking to deepen his understanding of the present status of theater and other arts in Japan, visiting major institutions and talking with key persons in the arts.

Invitee: Ms. Jude KELLY
Country: UK
Position: Artistic Director, South Bank Centre
Visit dates: Mar 4-14. 2007 (planned)
Purpose of visit: South Bank Centre is London’s largest arts centre and, as the Centre’s artistic director, Ms. Kelly can be considered one of the most influential people in Britain’s arts and culture scene. By observing the present status of Japanese arts (performing arts, creative arts) her visit will help build networking with Japanese cultural figures, artists and producers that will benefit the future presentation of Japanese arts in Britain in the mid and long term.

Invitee: Shaikha Mai Bint Mohammed AL-KHALIFA
Country: Kingdom of Bahrain
Position: Information Ministry Culture and National Heritage Assistant Under-Secretary
Visit dates: Mar. 31- April 6, 2007 (planned)
Purpose of visit: Since assuming her present position, Ms. Al Khalifa has been responsible for the organizing of many cultural events and has also continued her own activities as a writer. In Japan she will be meeting with numerous prominent writers, artists, politicians and scholars and touring Japanese arts facilities and cultural properties.