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The 2006 Adelaide Bank Festival of Arts opens Mar. 3
 Held every other year since 1960 in the South Australia capital of Adelaide, the Adelaide Bank Festival of Arts is now in its 24th holding as an international arts festival. Boasting a highly varied and experimental program that includes everything from music, theater, and dance to visual art, video words and even food, this festival attracts upwards of 10,000 people with every holding.
This year’s planned schedule consists of 72 events and over 130 performances. Gathering some 1,200 artists and art scene professionals from around the world, about two-thirds of the program is collaborations with foreign artists. This time, attention focuses on the large-scale renewal of the visual art and outdoor programs.
Among the main performing arts programs are a Berlin Schaubuehne production of Nora/ A Doll House (directed by Thomas Ostermeier) for the first time in Australia, and four-country collaborative production “Australian Dance Theatre” featuring artists from Canada, Germany, Britain and Australia. The festival director is Brett Sheehy. The schedule runs from March 3 to 19.
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