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2006 Seoul Theater Festival opens May 2
 One of Seoul’s two main theater festivals, the Seoul Theater Festival opens on May 2 with a 20-day schedule of events. In its 27th holding this year, the festival is a big annual event for theater people that offers a wide range of performances in venues centered mainly around the theater district of “University Road” (Taehangno Street) and including events at outdoor cafes and street performances. With no invited foreign productions, this is a festival where visitors can enjoy a schedule of purely Korean theater. The festival also features competition for awards for the best productions, directing, plays and actors that are announced at the closing ceremony.
Dates:May 2-21, 2006
Venues:Taehangno Street/ARKO (Arts Council Korea) Theater (former Arts Hall) Large Hall, Small Hall and other theaters on Taehangno Street, Shinchon/Sogang Univ. Mary Hall
Organizers: Seoul Theater Association
Support:The Municipality of Seoul, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Korean Culture and Arts Foundation, The National Theater Association of Korea, Inc
+Seoul Theater Festival Website: