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International dance festival MODAFE 2006 opens May 24
 The contemporary dance festival MODAFE 2006 will run from May 24 until June 6 just prior to Seoul’s International Dance Festival. This festival was begun in 1982 with the aim of stimulating and globalizing the Korean dance scene and this year is its 25th holding. In 2002 the festival changed its name to Modern Dance Festival or “MODAFE” as it strove to establish itself as a world-class dance festival. This year’s theme is “the future of civilization as imagined through the body” and it will feature a range of innovative and progressive domestic and international dance works incorporating elements for wide-ranging genre, including art, video, music, literature and theater.
Dates:May 24-June 6, 2006
Venues:Taehangno Street/ARKO (Arts Council Korea) Theater (former Arts Hall) Large Hall and Small Hall, Shinchon/Sogang Univ. Mary Hall
+MODAFE 2006 website