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2006 DUMBO DANCE FESTIVAL in New York, soliciting Japanese choreographers, dancers
 From Oct. 19 to 22, the New York dance company WHITE WAVE (led by Young Soon Kim) will hold the fifth of its “DUMBO DANCE FESTIVAL” series begun in 2001. The venue will be the John Ryan Theater in Brooklyn. The festival gathers more than 90 choreographers and dancers/companies, including many Korean groups active in the U.S., to give performances of their work. They also seek Japanese choreographers, dancers and groups to participate. As a related event following the festival, WHITE WAVE organizes a series of full-length showcase performances by 12 companies from Oct. 25 to Nov. 5.
+For application details contact:
WHITE WAVE leader, artistic director, Mr. Young Soon Kim
+1 (718) 855 8822