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Readings of Japanese plays at Traverse Theatre in Scotland
 A “Japan in Scotland Readings” program is being held at Scotland’s Traverse Theatre, know as a theatre with a focus on new play premieres and actively seeking out talented young playwrights. The experimental program has been organized in a collaborative effort with the Itami Ai Hall in Hyogo Pref., Japan as an exchange project introduce Japanese playwrights from the Kansai region in Scotland and Scottish playwrights in Kansai. In this, the second holding of the program, representative plays of Hideo Tsuchida, leader of the theater company MONO, and Masahiro Iwasaki, leader of the Taiyozoku company, were read. Tsuchida’s The Happy Lads, is about a group of five men, four from an entertainment that has deserted a wartime military base and one soldier who has followed them as a deserter too. They hide in a steel tower until they are found and begin to perform a comedy show at gunpoint.
Iwasaki’s A Country Far from Here is based on the Tokyo subway sarin terror incident of 1995. After the readings, a talk event is planned featuring Tsuchida and Iwasaki, the director of the Itami Ai Hall, Hideki Yamaguchi, the translator Takehiko Tanioka and the Scottish playwright Rona Munro is planned.
+Japan in Scotland (Readings) II
The Happy Lads
Date: June 9, 2006
A Country Far from Here
Date: June 10, 2006
Venue: Traverse Theatre
+Traverse Theatre