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THE BEE, a play written and directed by Hideki Noda premieres in London
 This will be the second appearance of a Hideki Noda play in London, following the 2003 production of an English version of Red Demon at the Young Vic theatre. The work he presents this time, titled THE BEE, is a new work inspired by Yasutaka Tsutsui’s novel Mushiriai, and it is the first play ever written by Noda in English. The script has been completed in a collaborative effort with the Irish playwright Colin Teevan in the process of numerous workshops. The popular Olivier Award-winning actress Kathryn Hunter and other members of the cast will be directed by Noda. He himself is appearing in the play.
The setting of the work is Japan in the 1970s. A run-of-the-mill Japanese businessman named Ido returns home to find that his family has been taken hostage by an escaped convict in his absence. It is a work that explores the distorted aspects of contemporary society with an ironic touch as we see Ido loses his equilibrium and is transform into a criminal himself.
Dates: June 27-July 15, 2006 (Preview performances June 21-26)
Venue: Soho Theatre, London
+Soho Theatre