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Two weeks of workshops scheduled at 2006 Korea Dance Festival
 Beginning on July 29, the 2006 Korea Dance Festival organized by the Modern Dance Promotion of Korea and Kook-Min University will present a schedule of workshops by invited foreign dancers as a contemporary dance educational program. This event was held as Korea-USA collaborative festival known as KADF (Korea America Dance Festival), but beginning with this 2006 holding, the program has undergone a renewal; the organizers are inviting contemporary dancers from the USA, Germany, France and Japan as instructors for a 2-week program of workshops. From Japan, Jo Kanamori of Noism06 has been invited to give workshops on dance technique and repertoire. After the workshops there will be performances by participants and showcases by the instructors and invited dancers from each country.
Dates: Jul. 29-Aug. 11, 2006
Venue: Art Centre of Kook-Min University, Seoul
Teresa Ranieri (Germany)
Keith Thompson (USA)
Jeffery Bullock (USA)
Hee Jin Kim (France)
Jo Kanamori (Japan)
Yangkeun Kim (S. Korea)
Organizers: The Modern Dance Promotion of Korea / Kook-Min University
Support: Korean Culture & Arts Committee
+2006 Korea Dance Festival