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Shiki Theater Company to present the musical Lion King in S. Korea (Oct. 2006–)
 The Shiki Theater Company, which has eight exclusive theaters where it performs long-running productions around Japan, has announced that it will produce a Korean version of the popular musical Lion King. This production will premiere as one of the inaugural performances at the new “Sha Lotte Theater” scheduled to open in late October as Korea’s first theater to specialize in musicals (presently under construction by the Lotte Group as a 45 billion KRW [approx. 5.4 billion yen] project).
The production will be co-directed by Kim Hyo-kyung and Shiki Theater Company’s representative Keita Asari and it will be performed completely in Korean by Korean actors of Shiki Theater Company.
Although Shiki Theater Company has performed in S. Korea in 1994 with a Japanese version Jesus Christ Superstar, this will be the company’s first Korean language production.
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