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Lyon Dance Biennale opens Sept. 9. From Japan, Kim Ito performs Kin-Jiki
 The Lyon Dance Biennale, which has been held every other year since 1984, opens this year on September 9. This year's theme is “Danse la Ville” and it will feature a large number of artists in about 150 performances of dance from over twenty cities around the world. The city of Lyon today has over 100 public spaces like theaters serving as arts facilities, which have been used for a variety of festivals on a regular basis for genre including contemporary art, film and the performing arts. The start of this autumn festival of the arts is a famous parade that attracts about 300,000 citizens and tourists in a truly festive atmosphere. The biennale's art director is Guy Darmet.
In the opening, there will be performances by France’s most popular hip-hop company the “Pockemon Crew” and the Spanish Compania Nacional de Danza from Madrid. The Lyon Opera Ballet Company will also present a new work.
From Japan, Kim Itoh will give his first overseas performance of his work Kin-Jiki. This a work for two dancers that Ito choreographed as a tribute to the Yukio Mishima novel by the same name which Tatsumi Hijikata had used as his motif for a legendary performance in 1959 that signaled the start of the butoh movement. In the premiere performance on this work in 2005, Ito’s bold choreography caused a sensation. Dancing with Ito in this duet is Tsuyoshi Shirai, winner of this year’s Choreographer of the Next Generation prize of the Toyota Choreography Awards. Other participants include the 2005 winner of this same prize, Maho Sumiji, whose company Selenographica will perform the work What Follows the Act.
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