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Program for October’s 2006 Melbourne International Arts Festival
 Australia’s Melbourne International Arts Festival has been a prominent contemporary arts festival on the international scene since its launch in 1986. Held in October every year, this festival gathers works from around the world in the genre of dance, theater, visual arts and multimedia.
This year’s festival runs for 17 days from October 12 to 28 with performances at theaters and open spaces in Melbourne and out-reach programs at schools. The current art director is Kristy Edmunds.
One of the opening programs is a collaborative work titled insen by the Japanese musician Ryuichi Sakamoto and the German video and music artist Alva Noto that creates a unique world of piano and electronic sound. Other participants from Japan are the sound and multimedia performance group “dumb type,” who will perform their latest work Voyage for the first time in Australia and the choreographer Kota Yamazaki, a frequent participant who will perform the work Rise:Rose with his “Fluid hug-hug” ensemble and a collaborative work with the Australian choreographer Lucy Guerin titled Chamisa 4°C. For Rise:Rose, the sound director of “dumb type,” Ryoichi Ikeda will join in as sound artist.
In the music program, there will be a concert, under the Australia-Japan Exchange Year events, by Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa based in Kanazawa city, Ishikawa Pref. It will be a memorial concert in honor of the late conductor Hiroyuki Iwaki who also served as the ensemble’s music director before he passed away this June at the age of 73.
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