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Portugal’s contemporary dance festival “a sul” X International Festival features Japanese contemporary dance

Akira Kasai "Kafun Kakumei; Pollen Revolution"
The “a sul” is a contemporary dance festival held in Portugal’s southernmost state of Algarve. Founded in 1994, “a sul” is now in its tenth holding from Sept. 15 to Oct. 13 and will feature programs at venues in the five Algarve cities of Loulé, Lagos, Lagoa and Vila Real de St.° António and the capital, Lisboa. The festival’s organizing committee, no Fundo do Fundo holds the festival on cooperation with the city councils of the six cities of Algarve.
The festival program consists of well-received domestic performances from the year before at venues like the Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB), the Teatro Comuna and the Teatro Taborda in Lisboa and programs from a particular country that the festival focuses on each year. This year, the contemporary dance of Japan is the feature.
The participating performances from Japan include a solo work by Akira Kasai titled Kafun Kakumei (Pollen Revolution), Miho Konai, Dance Theatre Ludens, Ikuya Sakurai and the Cross Section j.a.m. Dance Theatre Company, Masami Yurabe and the Monochrome Circus. Kafun Kakumei (Pollen Revolution) is an improvisational butoh piece that has been well received overseas. It introduces elements of traditional Japanese dance in a dance that sees a transition of a Kimono-clad woman dancer into a variety of different characters.
Performers from Portugal include Jose Laginha, the Kamu Suna Ballet Company, Maria Ramos and others.
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