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Finland’s dance festival for emerging artists, “Moving in November” to run from Oct. 28 to Nov. 5
  Continuing since the 1980s, the Finnish dance festival Moving in November has moved to yearly holdings since 2005 with the aim of fostering world-class contemporary dance. This year’s festival will be held in the capital Helsinki and surrounding towns from Oct. 28 to Nov. 5. The main events on the program include commissioned works by several artist groups chosen by artistic director Ari Tenhula and the festival committee and invited new works by young international artists. Many of the works involve multimedia collaborations with artists in the fields of lighting and video and the festival as a whole is gaining a reputation as a proving ground for artists who go on to make their names internationally. Participating from Japan in this year’s festival is Hiroaki Umeda, who was born in 1977 and in a former photographer who was inspired to take up dance by the work of Saburo Teshigawara. His recent works combine undulating body movement with video images and electronic music in primarily solo dance.
The festival is run by the organization Dance Arena that was founded in 2000 by five domestic contemporary dance organizations.
+Moving in November 2006 Program
Jonathan Burrows & Matteo Fargion: Both sitting duet
Hiroaki Umeda: while going to a condition
Julia Cima: Visitations
Paula Tuovinen: Revenge
Teemu Määttänen: On the next time
Kirsi Monni: Lichtweg - Friedenplatz
Eszter Salamon: Reproduction
+Moving in November