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2nd Performing Arts Market in Seoul (PAMS) Held
 From October 11 to 14, the 2nd Performing Arts Market in Seoul (PAMS) was held at venues including the Arko Arts Theater, the Arts Center Arko and the outdoor stage of Marronnier Park along “University Road” (Taehangno) the district of Seoul famous as a center of the performing arts with its 56 small theaters. The concurrent holding of the Seoul Performing Arts Festival, the SIDance festival and the BeSeTo Theater Festival gave PAMS visitors plenty of programs to attend.
Prominent among the PAMS authorized showcases were performances by emerging young contemporary dance groups and the daily seminars held with guests invited from around Asia and other regions.
In South Korea today the government is a promoting a program under which several regional cities have been designated as culture hub cities for specific fields, and in 2013 a large-scale Asia Artplex will be completed in the city of Gwangju, which has been designated the Asia Culture Hub City. The seminars this time were planned to stimulating networking with Asian countries and soliciting participants for future projects related to the Asia Culture Hub City program explained at the seminars.
+Seminar Programs:
October 12
Seminar I. Korea-Japan Exchanges in Performing Arts
- International performing arts exchange based on regions

Guest Speaker
- Yasuyo Kondo / Chief Program Coordinator / 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Arts, Kanazawa
- Masato Kishi / Theatre Director / Yamaguchi Center for the Arts and Media
- Ayumu Sawafuji / Producer / Kitakyushu Performing Arts Center

October 13
Seminar II. International Performing Arts Markets
- The Present Status and Program Policies of International Performing Arts Markets
1) overview (mission, program etc.)
2) the present status (period, venue and participants)
3) expecting effects of participation
4) criteria for booth and showcase selection etc.
opening speech:
Mr. Gyu Seog Lee
President, Korean Arts Management Service & PAMS 2006 Board of Directors
session 1. International performing arts markets : Asia and Australia
- Tokyo Performing Arts Market - Ms. Hiromi Maruoka / chief director
- Asian Arts Mart - Mr. Neo Kim Seng / programming officer
- Australian Performing Arts Market - Ms. Annette Tripodi / operations & program manager
session 2. International performing arts markets : America and Europe
- CINARS - Ms. Barbara Scales / secretary of board of directors
- Mexico: Gateway to the Americas - Mr. Mario Espinosa / president
- Balkan Performing Arts Market - Mr. Yiannis Kolotouras / execitive staff

October 14
"Asian Performing Arts Forum"
Asian Performing Arts Networking, the Achievement and the Prospect
Benny Chia Artistic Director, Hong Kong City Festival
Guest Speaker:
- Kyung-Nyun Son / Director General / Asian Culture Hub City (Korea)
"Introduction of the Cultural City Gwangju and the Asian Culture"
- Marion F. D'Cruz / Executive Producer / Five Arts Centre (Malaysia)
"Asian Performing Arts Networking"
- Kirsty Ellem / Deputy Director / Asia Link Center (Australia)
"Asia Link Cener's Artists Regidence Program in Asian Countries"
- Huy-mei Lee / Programming Manager / Nat'l Chiang Kai-Sheck Cultural Center (Taiwan)
"From Little Asia to Homeless Dance Company"
-Pham Bich Huyen / Visiting Research Fellow / Korea Cultural and Tourism Policy Institute (Vietnam)
"The Need and Prospects of Asian Performing Arts Management Collaboration - A case study of Vietnam"
+2006 Performing Arts Market in Seoul (PAMS)