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The 7th Women Playwrights International Conference to convene in Jakarta
 The Women Playwrights International Conference (WPIC) was established in 1986 with the aim of promoting networking and intellectual exchange between women playwrights and theater professionals. Since then, the organization has held international conferences have been held every three years at rotating venues beginning with New York in 1988 and including Canada, Australia, Ireland, Greece and the Philippines. The 2006 conference is the 7th and is being held in Jakarta, Indonesia. This conference has been organized by an administrative committee consisting of representatives of the Jakarta Arts Council and women playwrights and theater professionals of Indonesia.
Attending from Japan are the leader of the Jitensha Kinqureat’s company, the playwright Sanae Iijima, and the leader of Aogumi, the playwright, director and actress Konatsu Yoshida. For the conference’s opening address on the 22nd, Ms. Iijima delivers a talk on the subject of “Dramatic-performance text, cultural context, and inter-textual practices.” On the 24th Ms. Yoshida speaks on the subject “Freedom, Human Rights and Power.” The agenda also includes study tours of the local performing arts scene. (Nov. 18-28)
+The 7th Women Playwrights International Conference