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France’s National Centre for Dance announces two residency openings
 The National Centre for Dance (Le Centre national de la danse: CND) of France is a public institution dedicated to the education of choreographers, instructors and other dance professionals with the aim of promoting the development of choreography and the dissemination of dance works by providing a quality educational environment. CND is presently soliciting applicants for two positions in its 2007 residency program. Now in its second year, this residency program offers resident study periods in Paris of either four months from January to May, 2007 or three months from October to December, 2007. The grant allowance is 1,000 Euro per month during the study term. Applicants must submit a proposal of their subject of study and persona vitae. A basic understanding of French is also required. The deadline for applications is Nov. 20. For details refer to the CND website and study program pages.
+The National Centre for Dance/Centre national de la danse