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The Southern Hemisphere Performing Arts Fair of Santiago, Chile begins (Jan. 17-20, 2007)  
 The Feria de las Artes Escenicas del Cono Sur: FESUR2007 (Southern Hemisphere Performing Arts Fair) held annually in January since 2001 will run this time from January 17 to 20. The program includes works from the Latin American countries of Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil and Costa Rica, as well as productions invited from Europe, the U.S. and Canada. The roughly 1,000 attending presenters from the various regions and general participants attend a program of about 50 events including a lineup of full-fledged performances, seminars, events and showcases. The details of the program will soon be announced, and attention is already focused on the planned opening performances of contemporary dance by Pina Bausch and Jean Luc Courcoult with the Royal de Luxe circus arts of using figures.
+Southern Hemisphere Performing Arts Fair (FESUR2007)